The KUIU Mobile Showroom

Now through October 21, 2017

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience hunting's most innovative brand. KUIU specialists will be on hand with a full product line available to feel, try on, and place orders. 

Experience hunting’s most innovative brand 

  • The complete KUIU product line ready to try on in all sizes and place orders 
  • Product Consultants on-site to answer questions and help you prepare for your next hunt 
  • Backpack Hunting and Pack Fitting Specialists to help reduce overall pack weight and properly fit your KUIU pack 
  • Experts to help dial-in the perfect gear list for your next hunt 
  • Full size run of KUIU’s new SCARPA boot program 
  • Full line of KUIU’s innovative accessories

Tour Exclusives

  •  KUIU giveaways 
  • Special Guests 
  • Special Deals and Discounts 

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