Sur La Table Cooking Classes

Now through January 1, 2019


We know you love to cook, that’s why we offer active, hands-on cooking classes in many of our stores. As one of America’s largest avocational cooking class programs, we travel the globe to stay on top of emerging cooking trends and are quick to bring these to life to inspire you in the kitchen.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we provide a place for all ages and skill levels to learn professional tips and techniques. Our instructors have a passion for food and will teach you how to chop, dice, julienne, sauté, braise, deglaze, fold and even hone and sharpen your own knives.

Our courses open up a whole world of food and culture through a variety of themed cooking and skill classes. Most classes are hands-on and focus on global and seasonal cuisine or techniques. Young or old, starter or advanced, if you have a desire to cook our classes are for you.

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