Desert Stages Theatre Presents Feathered

Now through March 25, 2018
Audiences delight in Gerry Cullity’s touching musical - the celebrated story of an UGLY DUCKLING, whose peculiar appearance instantly triggers taunting from the beautiful Meadow Ducks.

Throughout her lively adventure, the UGLY DUCKLING meets an array of unforgettable characters, such as the inseparable GOOSE and GANDER, the bumbling DUCK HUNTERS, and their zany, but loveable, DOG.

With the guidance of a wise EAGLE and the unconditional love of her MOTHER, the UGLY DUCKLING realizes her inner beauty and finds love and friendship in the most unlikely places. This poignant tale heralds a message of acceptance that tugs at the heart with its stirring view of the impenetrable bond that a mother and her child share.

A very special show performed by young actors for young audiences

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