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Part Time or Full Time Associate

Posted June 7, 2019  |  SunLife Organics

OVERVIEW: An Associate is expected to provide the absolute best customer service on the planet, by producing and serving perfectly made SunLife products in the coolest, most welcoming space with the best possible attitude. The main function of the Associate position is to maintain the energy level of the store with the utmost positivity and to maintain the of quality and general store cleanliness.


  • Passion for SunLife Organics brand and enthusiasm for learning more about SunLife Organics products and nutrition.
  • Minors required to provide work permit.
  • Available to work a minimum of 15 hours/week AND a minimum of 2 days (dependent upon minimum age laws).
  • The physical aspect of the job requires lifting up to 45 pounds at a time and walking/carrying things up and down stairs. It also requires standing for long periods of time, bending over, reaching, and scooping, as well as various other physical prep tasks.
  • Ability to be mobile in walk-in refrigerator and freezer with temperatures ranging from 40° F to -10° F.
  • Develop a strong knowledge of all products behind the counter and on the retail shelves.
  • Answer all questions from customers and make recommendations based on their needs while also protecting all proprietary information.
  • Smiling and thanking every guest with outstanding enthusiasm and positive energy.
  • Associates are expected to work together as one to produce the best products efficiently.
  • Follow all policies, procedures, recipes, health codes & safety regulations.
  • Associates must become masters of every station. This includes being able to operate all food preparation equipment and tools efficiently, specifically blenders and juicers.
  • Associates are expected to maintain cleanliness at all times.
  • All tools and equipment must be clean throughout the shift.
  • Perform break check before going on break.
  • Associates are responsible for staying up to date on all company communications.

Contact Information

To apply, please contact 
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